Welcome to Vanity's secret world.  A place where dreams and fantasies come to life and a place where every naughty, erotic, kinky idea you ever thought of can become a reality.

        Allow yourself to indulge in the serenity of total surrender and submission with a beautiful and stunning superior female.  Let my years of expertise take you to that place you know you belong.  Your time spent with me will be unlike anything you've ever experienced in the past, as I know the keys that unlock your mind, passions, desires and deviations.  Once in my hands...your life and your soul will never be the same.

        So, amuse yourself pets, and wander through these pages! Then reach out to fulfill that desire to serve, worship and obey.  I will keep a place open just for you, to kneel by my side, naked, collared, and at the ready. 

         Yes, it's true, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...although.... beware of those who claim to have the skills and expertise that I possess and have perfected over years as a Lifestyle and professional Femdom!!  While the others may come cheap, remember ...you get what you pay for!   Females and couples are always welcome.  Se habla espanol...if you prefer.

Restricted and blocked numbers will not be answered.   Please unblock your number before calling.




Added on October 28, 2016

MS Vanity Sin is simply perfect! She is my all time favorite when I go to Vegas. I have seen her three times, and each time is better than the last. She is truly an expert dominatrix. Her passion for what she does is tangible. She will take care of you in her great many ways. The most recent visit was a sensual bondage session. She definitely knows her own craft. After instructing me to undress, she had me bound and started caressing me with her fingertips. She gently slapped my cock in the right area to get me hard. She would whisper in my ear instructions as to what she wanted me to do aS her submissive. She then had me lay on the bed and she began to bound me in leather straps. With wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs attached to a body harnes I was immobilized. She lit some incense and used it to provide an intense sensation against my skin. She also poured hot candle wax all over me. She has an amazing array of toys she knows exactly how to utilize. It wasn't long before she had me in sub-space. At no point did she rush the session or speaking of donations. She is my all time favorite in Vegas.
O. Fish

Added on June 30, 2015

Wow! Just Wow! Caution: You might fall in love.

Added on June 8, 2015

I recently had the honor and extreme pleasure of Ms Vanities company for two 8 hour sessions. This was my first time experience with the world of domination. After doing extensive research for just the right person to show me the ropes, so to speak, I chose Ms Vanity because she struck me as the genuine article. I was so right. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she is a true professional. I booked our session weeks in advance and foĺlowed up with an email outlining my interests and areas of the fetish list I would like to avoid. However, after we spoke prior to our session and having no prior experience as far as likes, dislikes or limits, I felt so comfortable with her that I just said forget about the limitations and lets experiment together. And she did. And it was all great. Our first session was at her facility. The space and equiptment is spotless. Once our session began, I decided to remain silent, unless asked a question, and just let her set the pace. I requested to be securely bound during our entire time together while Ms Vanity methodically worked her way through one experience to the other. That first eight hours we covered alot of ground. The second day Ms Vanity invited a collegue to join us. We all enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation together, then back to my room to play until the sun came up. The details I choose to keep private amoungst ourselves. All I can say is that I was one lucky guy. I can't wait to return to Vegas again and take it to the next level with Ms Vanity Sin. Do not miss an opportunity to visit this exquisite lady.

Added on June 4, 2015

I recently went to Las Vegas on business. After researching local dommes, I knew I wanted to see Ms. Vanity. I called and set up my appointment weeks in advance. She was polite, courteous, and easy to talk to. I arrived at her facility, and was blown away by her beauty. I had read other reviews how her pictures didn't do her justice. They were correct, she is an absolute goddess. I spent 12 wonderful hours in her presence, and she more than indulged my fetishes. The rest of my trip was lackluster in comparison. I think back on our session fondly everyday, and will be contacting her again the next time I go to Vegas. Thank you again Ms. Vanity.

Added on April 25, 2015

A little confusing finding her facility. But once I did OMG!!! What a complete knock out. I've been seeing dommes for over 17 yrs and Mistress Vanity totally blew every single one of my past dommes out of the water she did many things I had never done or thought I could have handled. She made me feel right at home and is a true professional . My only regret is that I am not local to her. And CANNOT SERVE HER EVEY SINGLE DAY. Hats off to you Mistress Vanity Sin
A Flowers

Added on April 17, 2015

Few things in Vegas, or on the internet, or in entertainment, (especially adult entertainment), come close to meeting the expectations they create in their self promotions. When I finally built up the courage to contact Ms. Vanity, she made me feel comfortable immediately despite making some pretty bold claims about her many areas of expertise. I thought that even if Ms. Vanity had confidence in her abilities much of what she said HAD to be somewhat exaggerated. Within the first 45 minutes of our first session I realized that was DEFINITELY not the case. If anything, she had understated herself. She easily exceeded every claim she had made. Ms. Vanity is incredibly intuitive, keenly observant, and is VERY good at what (it is that) she does. In short, Ms. Vanity is the rare exception. She is truly the real deal. As real as it gets.

Added on November 10, 2014

When I knew I was headed to Vegas I wanted to see a Dom. After I did my research and reading reviews I decided to session with Ms. Vanity Sin. All I can say is WOW, wow, wow! I have been in the scene for 10+ years and Ms. Sin rates as one of my ATF. I knew about a month out I was going to Vegas and contacted Ms. Sin. She was very prompt and friendly in her communication. She told me she would be available when I was in Vegas, but contact her a few days ahead of time to make sure my plans didn’t change. I did contact Ms. Sin 2 days out from my trip and told her I could meet 2 different days. After a bit of back and forth on date & time we picked a time/date that would work for both of us. The day of the session we texted back and forth and she asked if I wanted to talk on the phone. I thought this was a great chance to see if we had a connection – we did. I had sent Ms. Sin a fairly detailed e-mail about my playing time, likes, limits, and a possible role playing session. Before we talked on the phone she had read my e-mail and knew what I was looking for. We talked for about 15 minutes and Ms. Sin told me she would send directions to her place. She did and it was clear in the directions to FOLLOW the directions. I did and think I earned a few brownie points. I followed the directions as instructed and contacted Ms. Sin. She came down to meet me and she is a stunner. Petite, but buff. She has her black hair streaked with blue – love it. She escorted me to her dungeon and we talked for another 10-15 minutes. Ms. Sin is about making sure you have an enjoyable session. I told her my bad experiences with other Dom’s and strap-on play and she said that was disappointing to hear. Ms. Sin really does listen to you & what your likes and limits are. She will push your limits in a good way. She left to get ready for the session and when she came out she had on a super tight latex dress & thigh high boots as I requested. She looked smashing. I won’t discuss my session as I think that should be between me and Ms. Sin. However, I can tell you when I am back in Vegas she is my first priority to schedule

Added on October 9, 2014

I've sessioned primarily with female bodybuilders and fitness competitors in the past, but decided to try something a little different with Ms. Vanity Sin. It turned out to be the best session I've ever done (out of over 40). First, she is absolutely stunning in person - even more so than in her pictures, which are terrific. And describing her as "fit" is a huge understatement; she obviously works extremely hard in the gym. I was a bit nervous to start, but she is very pleasant and put me at ease right away. I had sent a fairly detailed role play idea, and she took the time to read all the details - she understood exactly what I had in mind and nailed it perfectly. Client satisfaction is clearly a high priority for her. After she beat me at arm wrestling we moved into light wrestling with some BDSM. She had me overwhelmed both physically (she is quite strong and knows her holds) and mentally, and was in complete control the entire time, pushing me to the edge of my limits while also respecting them. Submitting to her was an exhilarating experience that I'm still enjoying nearly a week later. She is definitely my new "must see" choice whenever I'm in Las Vegas.

Added on September 4, 2014

If you are in the United States, not just the Las Vegas area, you owe it to yourself to visit, Ms. Vanity. If you have tried the rest, experience the best that this lifestyle has to offer. She embraced me wholly with Her heart and mind. She had empathy for my desires and used them to make me succumb to Her wishes. From the moment She took my hand and lead me into Her domain like the small sissy girl i wished to feel, i knew that She was in total control. Our session was not rushed, and after i had cleaned up, She allowed me the honor of massaging Her feet and calves even after O/our session had expired. She is an amazing Domina and a very lovely Woman. You would do Yourself an amazing gift to visit Her for as long as You are allowed in Her presence.

Added on August 23, 2014

I have sessioned with others before but no other can get inside my mind, heart and soul like Ms. Vanity Sin. She can be very intimidating! Don't ask me how she does it. I don't know; but, she does it better than anyone else I ever encountered. My deepest fantasies is where she waits for me. Seemingly knowing better what I need and want than I do ( and trust me my imagination is quite vivid). She will give you 100% all the time and she will push your limits like not other. So prepare yourself but definitely go see her after reading the other reviews listed above my entry. These men know as I do the greatness of Ms. Vanity Sin. You will not be disappointed! Take her cane, take her whip, take Ms. Vanity Sin and put her in the Hall of Fame

Added on August 13, 2014

I was new to this type of service. I sent a text to Ms Vanity. She was very professional, and interested in information gathering. Once she arrived to my room; We had a discussion of my fantasy vore role play/wrestle session, She did ask a lot of questions & Probed for more information, even going into detail about the roots, of when I first had the desires. The way she went about this is exactly what I had hoped for. Hands down this was the best session ever. She didn't watch the clock, Time wasn't a concern, She delivered an experience I don't think one could get from anyone else. I am a creature of variety, but I would 100% go back to her. If you are considering a good time, just use her. She is worth the rate, She knows what shes doing, and is genuinely interested in your experience. Next time I'm am in Vegas, We will do this again.

Added on August 6, 2014

I went to Vegas for a bachelor party and pool party ect but I also planned on seeing Ms.Vanity in which we planned on a late night session in which she took my fetish interests and experience and a short cab ride later I arrived at her place which was very nice and very clean. She came to get me at the door and I was very happy she is beautiful and takes great care of herself wow!!!! Under her clothes was a latex top and bottom and she took control right away cbt and teasing I don't think she let my cock ever get soft, castration play was fun and scary but in a good way. We then made our way to some strapon play that was the most enjoyable and easy penetration ever in which she got her toy balls deep, rivers of pre cum flowing it was surreal. After my ass was fucked we moved to sampling female ejaculate which was life changing. Ms.Vanity was a great session and her mind is devious and sexy I am coming back just to see her

Added on August 5, 2014

This is the first time that I have left a written review but Ms. Vanity was just that good. She listened to my past experiences with other Dominas, which is always a good sign. She then immediately constructed a fantasy in her head and went about fulfilling it to her satisfaction. I have never been pushed as hard as I have with Ms. Vanity and I loved every second. She was the perfect combination of strength, dominance and seduction. She made this one of the best trips to Vegas that I have ever had and honestly, the next time I am in Sin City, I will definitely have to book a return trip to Ms. Vanity.

Added on July 31, 2014

Amazing! The first word that comes to mind after my head stopped spinning from my very FIRST session ever with a Domme. Ms. Vanity is intuitive, engaged and passionate about what she does. She took the time to listen and understand my wants and needs and once set she created an experience that will never be forgotten. Her ability to find my limit and then push them just a little farther was incredible. I learned A LOT about my desires and what I liked and disliked and now know, thanks to Ms. Vanity, which fetishes I am truly drawn to and those that I have no interest in pursuing. I have been marked by Ms. Vanity and I am craving her already....

Added on July 27, 2014

I have always had fantasies about being dominated. After reviewing numerous ads, I decided that I would give it a shot with Ms. Vanity Sin. I had this fantasy about being a little slut whose mom finds out and punishes her. So we start out with my getting dressed for the part, panties, panty hose, dress and a wig, my ass looked nice with the dress on. Ms. Vanity Sin the put some makeup on me to complete the look. The session started with Ms. Vanity Sin scolding me for being such a naughty little slut for always thinking about boys licking and fucking my pussy. I was restrained before Ms. Vanity Sin started to examine my little slut pussy she then moved to electro shock therapy to try and cure my problem when that failed to diminish my desires a spanking was in order, that’s when I found out how thin panties and panty hose are, she used her hand first then a paddle to sting my little ass for have such bad thoughts. It became obvious that my desires would not be thwarted, so she said she would just have to teach me to be a slut and fulfill my desires to be bent over and have my dress pulled up and pull my panties and panty hose down and fuck my pussy which was very wet by now. Needless to say just writing this down has me excited again. Ms. Vanity Sin knows how to read you and take you places you didn’t know existed, don’t miss her! Thanks for the excellent time.
Paul P.

Added on May 7, 2014

I have sessioned with many Pro Dommes over past 8 years and I can truly say that Ms. Vanity Sin was hands down one of the bes!. It was immediately clear she had tons of experience and more importantly a passion and intellectual curiosity for the art. A killer combination. When we met she took the time to understand all of my interests and then artfully wove them into the session remembering even the smallest of details that I mentioned in an earlier correspondence. Her range of skills and eagerness to compose a customized and unforgettable experience makes her one of the best Femdoms in the Nation and a must for any Vegas visitor with an interest in the "arts".

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